Inclemency (NaPoWriMo Day 26)

“The Stars in their courses fought. the Sun! Moon! Heaven! Earth.
Contending for Albion & for Jerusalem his Emanation
And for Shiloh, the Emanation of France & for lovely Vala.
Then far the greatest number were about to make a Separation
And they Elected Seven, calld the Seven Eyes of God;
Lucifer, Molech, Elohim, Shaddai, Pahad, Jehovah, Jesus.
They namd the Eighth. he came not, he hid in Albions Forests”


Elohim Creating Adam 1795-c. 1805 by William Blake 1757-1827
Elohim Creating Adam 1795-c. 1805 William Blake 1757-1827 Presented by W. Graham Robertson 1939


Who makest thy angels into winds
and thy ministers into flaming fire?


I have seen Eden, Garden of Light.
Yet there is no name for this darkness
from where I came, now there are only skins…
rented skins, wretched skins…
sown by, for, and within?

The tailor Elohim.

Dusk-hung cassocks singed by sin
to trap us in, choruses of
ash-strewn dirges, a test for Echo…
pinging the soul sung to exalt what?
To praise whom?

The worship-drunk Elohim.

Shivering skeins of flesh pulled taut
the architecture of right
over landscapes of wrong
over bones white as want undone
fragile blooms of faith’s limbic blight
searing our sight… til we’re all
blind, deaf, and dumb

And only I, and I alone
escaped Adam’s fate
to reject this loan…
forced on us by who?

The usurer Elohim.

I am here

to tell you all




There stood the Spirit before my face…

Its shimmering light contrasting my stark,
the skulls of dead philosophers
were the trumpets it blew
its annunciation through

Warning me we all had trespassed
upon red dust and soon would
be crushed to feed the lust…
of who? of what? I asked.

That blood-hungry Elohim

Acrid smoke poured from its Hellthroat
choking me, but I stood up and taunted him,
breath for breath,

“My heart is a sacred garden and my walls
are very high. Lash with your viper’s tongue
all you want, the fire in you is bound to die.
It won’t burn for long. Let the day rain grey,
put  your toothless gnash away…
I ask you again… Who’s to blame for my sins?

No one but Elohim.

And a holocaust shot out
of its mouth, it morphed
into a dragon to shout,

“I am the Alpha and the Omega.

The first and the last…

As many as I love, I rebuke

and chasten; so stand zealous

and prepare to repent.”

But I refused His clemency
Standing idle as His death threat,
resolute and without shame
knowing I wasn’t to blame.
Who made me what I am?

The sadist Elohim.

It was He who created
the slave called man.

It was He who made us crawl
snake-bellied upon His land

And now He demands
us, legless, to stand
only to lie gracelessly
about His grandeur?

For His glory?

To extol
His little all?

Scratch-less itch!
Leecher of salt!

No! No!
I was appalled.

I can’t recant.

I was born in chains,
yoked with merciless reins
held by a Supreme Egoist
who refuses to acknowledge
His shame…His name?

The bald-faced Elohim.

And here I remain
in Zeno’s paradox
my arrow shot:

Infinitely indivisible
Irrevocably di risible
I’ll have vultures
pick at my liver
to ease jealousy
from that Mad Dog
of Eternity


I’ll not bend

my knees
one inch

I’ll not tie

my tongue
in knots

Not for him
Not for that bastard


Written for NaPoWriMo from today’s prompt for a call and response poem. It’s the kind of poem that really needs to be performed. It was inspired by William Blake’s Elohim Creating Adam, and his idea of Elohim as being an evil vengeful God (one of 7 “Eyes” of God) until Jehovah came along & replaced him after the time of Abraham. Blake believed the fall of Man did not occur in the Garden of Eden, but BEFORE… when Elohim drew Adam out of the ether to materialize his immortal spirit into flesh. This is meant to be a bit absurdist, hence the high tone and dramatic language in keeping with the theme, BUT I do not intend to demean anyone’s beliefs, just following Blake’s lead here as an exploration. This is written in the voice of the 8th Eye who refused to follow in Jesus’ steps.

Below is the link to the video reading replete with Blake paintings, it is best heard

Inclemency by Lori Gomez


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  1. Mar Claudrin says:

    Ah, as I was reading, I was going, ‘she needs to record this’, and I reach the end and you have! I must listen, so I’ll save the link.
    This is great, L. Epic, literally. You never cease to amaze me you know. Your knowledge is so vast. No bugger else couldn’t written this in this way other than you. Gawd, how many writers can say the same I wonder? You are bliddy brilliant, woman, you are! xxx
    Not for him
    Not for that bastard


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