Re MEME Burred (NaPoWriMo Day 11 – the Bop)




There’s a throne. It’s set high above a silicon valley
Where contagions disguised as ideas are discarded to divine.
Every god now wears raggedy raiments as he sits typing
In his mother’s basement. The day Einstein feared has arrived.
Technology is king. You reach for the alarm clock,
But you can’t wake up – this is not a dream…

The truth is pure saturation.

Ammonium stings the eyes first, then slow-burns down
Open passageways, color-coating uvulas; its sweet-smelling
Desecration all candied bacon, there are no tears allowed,
Not here; chemical-smeltings of flesh & fume, clouds of spume,
Ingestion an easy-glide toward poison, brain & body acclimate
To sensation – taste becomes intoxicant, cellular greed increases
Absorption, illusion of control persists: achievement unlocked,
Another tulip picked in the dark…

The truth is pure saturation.

Blessed are this virtual generation: their kingdom is the power
And glory at the hammer of every key pounding plastic boredom
In bits and bytes -every byte bitten & disgorged. The mock audience
Applauds. *Like*tallying egos stuffed and trussed to bursting, dinner
Gongs echo hunger amidst the clash & clamor of this bazaar, until
No one is served – To be has been relegated to a weak verb…

The truth is pure saturation.







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  1. I’m fortunate not to be living the fast lane. The saturation can get to you that’s for sure.

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