S.W.A.K. (NaPoWriMo Day 16 – Epistolary)




I am out here on the fringes
The moon has become a kissing cousin
And the stars are the vehicles that stall
As I try to drive to you
I gave up sleeping at night. In fact,
I gave up sleeping altogether
Now I dream awake and lie
To my subconscious, my open eyelids
Fluttering lashes like the flicker
Of old film reels, playing our most
Intimate moments off-camera, but on cue,
Tricking all those sleeper cells into believing
I believe Freud.
I keep bottles of wine uncorked
Allow the daylight to swim in their fumes
And sip it slow while the sun sinks below
Your gall line
Picking lint out of the air with my tongue
It tastes like your old fisherman’s knit sweaters
And romance ( same difference to me)
I met God in a Eucalyptus tree the other day
But turned a cold shoulder to his burning branches
Silly of him to roost in an evergreen, if he really
Wanted to impress me, he should have turned all that
Beach sand into grass, the San Francisco Bay into champagne
And you into an incubus since you haunt my bed every night






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ogden Fahey says:

    You’re on a roll here Lori! X<3

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