Molotov Cocktails Will Be Served This Evening (NaPoWriMo Day 21 – Dialogue) 

“You disappeared.”

“I went to the bathroom.”

“Oh? How was it?”


“Fantastic things happened in the bathroom?”


“Of course, bathrooms can be portals to other worlds.”

“True. So can fists! My fist can catapult a face directly to the moon.”

“Always the violence, huachinango. *sigh* Even here in paradise.”

“Paradise, especially! Consider Eve. She was a freedom fighter. She saved man from ignorance and indentured servitude with nothing but the bite of an apple. She and Adam were just Tonka toys for a selfish puerile capricious god. Look at how he immediately pitted one against the other. Robbing a rib from Adam to create Eve. What could that ever sow but seeds of animosity between them? All that redistribution of wealth? Adam resentful of his loss, Eve resentful of having to be dependent on some man, accused of being needy, and have him forevermore lord that goddamned rib over her! God is a fucking Marxist!  We already have him on record as a misogynist! Not to mention his Oedipal complex. If you take the bible at its word, he was quite literally a motherfucker. He is sire to himself by the same woman – I mean, Christ and him are one. My mother always said the bible was the filthiest book ever written and she ought to know, she’s read them all! Hell, she could have written them!”

“Wow, okay… okay… you pop that cork yet? I need a drink.”














4 Comments Add yours

    1. ccthinks says:

      I honestly don’t know why the man doesn’t have me murdered. xo

  1. That’s one punchy poem! I love it.

    1. ccthinks says:

      Haha! Danke, doll! I have to say, this was based (almost) verbatim on an actual conversation with el esposo… I also have to say, I truly do enjoy starting trouble for its own sake. If things are too peaceful in the woods, I start a forest fire – not enough to burn it down, but just fiery enough to hot things up a bit. What else can I say? Chaos reigns supreme. My father is Loki.

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