Blades of Intelligence Or How To Root The Grass Of A Revolution (NaPoWriMo Day 22 – Geordic)

Sunrise being televised from a less polluted place in China

“The earth has music for those who listen.”

Country Gardeners
Quite Contrary Marys

Lend me your ears
(and eyes)

A word of advice…
To grow your grassroots:


Lie, not lye, but lie with an I
Lie, not down, but up – high
Affirm what is not
And the truth deny
How on earth can your revolt start
If all about you are satisfied?
Sow seeds of doubt
Be sure to shout
About unfairness
Lack of awareness
Blame everyone else
For the rot of your roots
The facts? Forsooth!
When repeated often enough
Lies become truth
Plant your new lies – big and small:
In schools, offices, homes and malls.
Shout it from rooftops.
Tweet it on Twitter.
Post it on Facebook.
Filter it on Instagram.
Then compost all the ancient
Falsehoods into one huge heap
Wake all the sleeping dogs
But only if they’re dirty and cheap.
Lies are better than dung
Lies can be sung and flung
Deep into memes
This embeds them in the soil
Of the everyman’s rhythm memory.
Lies are easier to spread
And absorb than
Any other fertilizer.
Lies are the original Bounty
Lies are the quicker picker upper.
Lies have Nitrogen (N),
Which promotes
Overall grass shoot growth;
Available Phosphate (P₂O₅)
Which promotes strong roots;
Soluble Postash (K₂O)
Which helps grass
Withstand stress,
drought or disease.
And Huge Whoopass (H$W$$)
To stomp the crass
Snake in the grass.
Lies also have viscous vitriol
Which helps outshout truth.
Truth is too diluted –
Too easily convoluted.
Truth is too soft-spoken.
Truth is too unsensational.
Truth may sow a sweet soul,
In some poet’s misguided ode
But makes horrible fertilizer.
And fertilizing is all that’s important
for the savvy gardener to know,
if s/he truly resolves to make
those strong grassroots grow.









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  1. Woo, awesome, loved this!

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