How To Seed A Dandelion (NaPoWriMo Day 22 – Geordic)



It’s an unlessoning of leaves.
It’s a shimmy and a shimmer.
The wind give you a little push
and *whoosh* you are set loose.
Carried off by the dogma
of hide-and-go seek.
The flame in your veins a liquid ecstasy
unleashing all promises that wick through
your want; yet now you’ve fallen, fallen
in amber moments dreaming of lost green
of the first uncurling of viridian root
from honeyed sap, the flower into leafing,
the surprising suppleness of bark and twig
that held you fascinated for three seasons
of caresses, three seasons of rains, winds
sunlight dapplings, three seasons reveling
in the debaucheries of dawn mists… you
wonder as you drift into rivered
forgetfulness, if you’ll ever be missed.











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