Boxing Helena (NaPoWriMo Day 25 – Small Spaces)


I’ll be your best kept secret
Hide me
from prying eyes

Spread my wings
On your pinning board
Examine me on
Your graticule slide

Place me next to your
Topps’ cards
and marbles – lay me
with your Indian-head nickels
and old Bowie knives.

Slice me bit by bit,
if you must.
Pulverize me,
Turn my Sparta to dust

I’ll do anything
to earn your trust.
I’m so small
Slip me in

The space between your breaths

The hollow of your rest

The shadow of your smile

The wrench of your denial


Lie for you
Cry for you
Bleed for you
Plead for you

Set my head on spin
Unravel my skin

Contain me
Restrain me

Confuse me

Don’t refuse me

Just use me

And again
And again…



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