Just a little slip of moon tonight… (NaPoWriMo Day 28 – Skeltonic Verse)

View of the moon through my window


Oh little slip of moon
For you I want to croon
A sweet looney tune
I’m looking for inspiration
some kind of invitation
to your nightly dance
I don’t stand a chance
not that chance can advance
my hopeless cause
here I pause
to consider my futility
singing of your virility
I’m slave to your gravity
You fill my concavity
You emperor of the night
You sorcerer satellite
Dazzler of my sight
Wielder of kryptonite
Thief of my might
Dangling jewel in the sky
Forbidden apple of my eye
Answer to my fathomless why
I’m about to cry
I look but can’t touch
dang, I want you so much
I want to glide
slip and slide
on the rhyme of your reason
season after season
Bitchslap the sun
I’ll commit treason
I’ll be the stamp you lick
The dog you kick,
The tender shoots
your size 10 boots
squash as you ease on down
my poppy-strewn ground
my road of yellowbricks
But be nimble, Jack, cuz this Jill is quick
Ready to flame the wick
of your Roman candlestick
even when I slip on your slick
trip on your trick
skin my knees
I’m just here to please
feel your breeze
up my skirt
your shovel in my dirt
shake my tree
til every peach falls free
dip into my honey
sting my bee
salt my syrupy sea
I give you all my fruit willingly
Make me a believer
Be my redeemer
I’m a daydreamer
A twilight reaper
Wondering when transparency
became the new profanity
scaring the ghost of glasnost
Truth’s the drone
in the no-fly zone
showing no surprise
looking at all our lies
with gunmetal eyes
wrapping itself cellophane tight
And I’m cursing every night
that you take flight
hiding your light
Oh my shadowy delight
dazzle me with your display
come out and play
let’s steal the day
then throw it away
who wants it anyway?
We’ll swim in the Milky Way
And lap it all up as we do
Together we’ll yell, “SPOON!”
Be the red balloon
An endless June
I’d rather have midnight than noon
so long as I’m with you, I’ll swoon
my little slip of moon…


View of the loon crooning to a slip of moon

Today’s prompt is a Skeltonic verse

The rules of Skeltonic verse are simple.
Keep the line lengths between three and six words.
Every end word rhymes with the last until you start a new set of rhymes
“ heart, fart, tart, smart, cart, start, line, shine, dine, mine, sign, vine
Keep the same rhyme until it starts to lose its energy/impact.
The poem should have energy and be fun



3 Comments Add yours

  1. lol i know u hated the prompt but i like this a lot. it’s supposed to be silly and fun right? xxx

    1. ccthinks says:

      Sweet thing, I really need to stop carping. After all, if every line in a Skeltonic verse must end with a rhyme until you’ve exhausted the sound and then move on to another bunch of vowels to use and abuse senselessly and without mercy, then I accomplished it. If making it “Fun & energetic”, as the prompt insisted was also mandatory, then check & check – so long as we sub out silly for fun, and frenetic for energetic, but what the hell… most of the crap I write is crazy any way. Thanks, love. xo

  2. M says:

    I was stumped by the two-beat in each line, so passed. you, however, shined ~

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