You scooped out the seeds
And left me
A hollowed-out shell
Then served them as ashes
Tasteless relics of hell.

You speak of the flesh
Let me speak of the wine
Sweet droughts of precious nectar
Proffered drams of my being

Take your sword and your lyre
Then sing old songs of reprieve
While you run me through
with pointed abandon
My, how prettily you deceive.

Praise the Father, the Son, the Ghost
You’re the bard
Though you need no religion
For you’re your own God.

Spare the rib… Adam’s skin
Eat Eve’s body and blood
Climb those Towers that Babel
Still, shaman…
You’d float in the Flood.

Sing your songs.
Sing your songs.
For your history is long.
Your voice seductively strong.
Yes…Hell is where you belong.

Paradise Lost,
Prometheus bound
Odysseus wept…
Circe laughed with a blare

While Medusa let down
Slithering snaky
Ropes of her hair.

Venomous coils, lying tongues
Wrapped around this heart
For its share
My long lost salvation?
A strangled Love
In your stony cold stare.

Sing your tune
Sing your tune
You make every Penelope swoon
Then leave her Ithaca in ruin.
Eating it all with up your spoon.

You gored the Gorgons,
Slew the Scylla
in undersea lair.
Your siren’s sighs
doth have charms
Cataclysmic chants
Quiring with sun’s callous red flare.

Yes Apollo,
you witnessed Jason
Sail to Creusa’s infinite seas
While poor Medea was drenched
In bitterest black tears.
Her Argonaut is now docked
In Dante’s 8th sphere
That vile seducer eternally whipped
By Lust’s demonic jeers.

Sing your psalms
Sing your psalms
Then slice my throat with your blade
This lamb must be slaughtered
For your precious ego to be saved.

Gods and Monsters.
Men and Women.
We’re all cut from the same tattered cloth…
You’ll always harmonize blithely
While every Venus drowns
In your fine foamy froth.



Casanova from Lori Gomez on Myspace.


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