Though I Can’t Swim



My head is twirling,
Which is no surprise,
Since I have
My way through life,

Landing like Mary Poppins
On every rooftop, one by one.
Razing days like sugarcane
From sun to sun.

I was born in mid-air.
Tip-toeing over tightropes.
Slicing past all the pigeon-wire.
Shredding skin, black quills
Erupting from my spine.

The taste of despair sweet as wine
On these lips of mine that can’t be contained,
Not even within the lines of these
Rhymes, so I won’t bother to try,
That would be a guise, and I so want
To step out from beneath the tent

Of this circus act,
Slip past the silk, de-glaze the paste
In this oily make-up. Yet, I still need
To warp your reality, sing the impossible,
Twang the strings of a love sublime.

Play me your music. Let me dance
To the rhythm of your desire, I’ll crash
On the ground, and renounce the sky just to
Snake myself around the river of your ankles,
Risk your stepping on my throat with cloven foot
As you climb over the coals of this pyre I light.













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